JIST OF THE KALINGARAYAR HISTORY - after they settle down in Uthukuli near Anaimalai

Breif History of Kalingarayan Canal

During the time of Authondai ChakravarthiChakravarthy, one of the Chola kings, Kalingan of Sathanthai Gothram (a very ancient family), was the ruler of Perianadu Nadumandalam, which was occupied by the VellalarsVellalar, a powerful community in those days. Authondai chakravarthiChakravarthy, with the help of Chera and the Pandya Kings, took possession of Nadumandalam, and with a view to disperse these VellalarsVellalar from their stronghold, he sent some of them with Chera, and some with Pandya, when Sathanthai Kalingan accompanied Chera to Kongunadu.

At that time this country was mostly covered with dense forests and was divided into twenty-four portions.

Pundurai, one of the divisions, consisting of thirythirty-two villages, was bestowed on Sathanthai Kalinga Rayar, he was made chief of that place, with Vvellodu as his capital. He constructed a temple there and dedicated it to Padagavalli Nachiar. He went to his brother-in-law, Pannai-kulathan, at Karur and proposed his daughter for his own son. The betrothal was made, but a slight incident occurred which caused the postponement of the marriage. During his stay, the cook of the bride’s party asked his master whether coarse or fine rice should be cooked for guests. He replied in jest, “What matters it if you cook coarse or fine rice for the people living in dry lands? Cook anything.” Being offended at this remark, Sathanthai Kalinga Rayar, with his party, left the place immediately, saying that he would marry his daughter after he could raise wet crops in his lands. On his return to his capital, with a dejected heart, he prayed to his tutelary deity, God Subramanya, for the grant of wet lands and retired to bed. He vowed a life of penance till his prayer was granted and left his beard to grow in token of his vow. God Ssubramanya, in the form of an old sage, appeared to his vision, while he was asleep and said, “Why art thou dejected? Do not be disheartened; construct an anicut at Bhavani and dig a channel; thy object will be realized.” He asked “Oh! Swami! I am perplexed. I do not where to construct the anicut and in what course to dig the channel.” The sage replied, “A peacock has run chasing a snake from a certain point at the bed of the river Bhavani. There are the traces left. Take that course. “He woke up and straight away went to the point indicated and to his great joy and surprise saw traces of a serpent having been chased by a peacock. Accordingly he began to dig a channel there and construct a dam with stones brought from the Urachi Hills. But it was obstructed by Vellai Vettu Poligar on the ground that the land in question was his own. His objection was overcome and an anicut and a channel as far as Kodumudi were built at an enormous cost. They were named after the serpent Kalingan Channel and Anicut. All the dry lands of Pundurai division were then converted into wet lands. As he was the founder of the Kalingan Channel and Anicut, he added to his name the appellation of Kalingan and called the paddy that was grown in his fields as Kalingan Paddy. As his object was fulfilled, he went again to Karur and celebrated his son’s marriage according to his promise. He then came back to his country and lived with his family in peace and plenty. Since then peacock has become the emblem of the family.

The Kalingan channel and Anicut are said to have been constructed about 2,000 years of Kaliyuga Sakaptam and stone statues of Kalinga Rayar and the serpent were placed near the anicut, and festivals and pujas were performed by his descendants and other riots.

They did not want to reap the benefits of their noble deeds. Later the Kalinga Rayars moved to Anaimalai area converted the forest into a village called it Uthukuli and established a principality of themselves in that territory.


1st – 8th POLIGAR

  • 1st Poligar cured the Rayar’s insane son at Penukonda pattanam of Vijayanagar.
  • Devarayar granted him the title of Rayar and made him the chief of kavalikkanadu and granted him a sannad with all the honours & insignia of royalty to rule over the parts of the country
  • 2nd to the 8th Poligar ruled peacefully under the authority of the Rayars
  • Build Agathur Amman Temple.

9th – 18th POLIGAR

  • Viswanath Naik, King of Pandiyar country
  • 5 Raja’s built 5 Forts in Thirunelveli and defied his authority
  • At the command of the Naik, Kalingarayar went against them besieged their forts and brought their heads and placed before the Naik
  • Appreciating his bravery, appointed him as a commander of the fifty first Kothalam or Fort and assigned the palayam as a free Jaghir
  • This was the state of affair till the 18th poligar

19th – 23rd POLIGAR

  • They were obliged to guard the country below the ghats, which was under the sway of Madura and Mysore samasthanams
  • Coorg(KUDAGU)  was opposing the Mysore Immudi Raja Wadiyar
  • Kalinagarayar commanded the Mysore army and subdued the ruler of Coorg
  • the King was delighted with his heroism and gave him a Gold gilt palanquin and other presents and fixed a peishcush of 750 pons for the 9 villages of the palayam
  • The Kalingarayars had then  under them 5000 foot men, 5000 horse men and one kadagam of elephants
  • They stationed themselves at anamalai captured Elephants and supplied them to the palace.
  • They were guarding anamalai and Marchinaickenpalayam
  • The Kalingarayars were allowed to levy tolls on goods passing to their country
  • This was the state of affair till the 25th Poligar




26th to 28th POLIGAR

  • Changes in the Samasthanams brought on trouble to the 26th cheif who was was deprived of half of his kaval(Guard)
  • Also defeated in a battle with the Raja of Kallikotta(Calicut) at Ellapalli
  • But the toll was levied till the time of the 28th Poligar

29th to 30th POLIGAR

  • 29th poligar was harassed by Tippu-Sultan and his army, when he sent away his family to Bombay for safe keeping
  • Kalingarayar was granted a sannad in the year Sitharthi, which was by paying seven-tenths of the revenue to the East-India Company
  • Since then the Poligar have been in peaceful possession of their Palayam
  • 29th Poligar was the 1st Zamindar of Zamin Uthukuli.


  • In 1832, he acquired large tracts of land in Anamalai and Marchinaickenpalayam villages and bought 2 villages in Cochin Territory


  • Purchased one more village in Cochin
  • Special interest in management of his Devasthanam, inclined towards religion and philosophy
  • He always had learned Pandits and Vedants to investigate the highest truths of life
  • He was called Vedanta Durai


  • He was taught by English Tutor Mr. Wright (European Inspector)
  • Built an entertainment area called the Golden Groves with a Zoo in Uthukuli
  • Bought a Zameen named Mywadi in 4th February 1898
  • In 1894, Samathur palayam was encumbered  to the extend 30,000 rupees
  • The Government entrusted the Samathur Zameen to the Uthukuli Poligar
  • The uthukuli poligar discharged the whole debt in the course of eight years and formally handed over the management to Samathur in 1902
  • Poligar of Uthukuli was the recipient of the well-merited distinction of Diwan Bahadur at the public darbar held at Coimbatore on 21st Sep 1913
  • He represented this District at the Delhi Darbar
  • Active part – in the Non-Brahmin conference held on 19th & 20th of Aug 1917 as the Chairman of the reception committee
  • He was the Vice-President of the Madras Zamindars’ and Landholders Association


  • He took leading part in the year 1919, in the recruitment of Men for Field Service in Mesopotania
  • He was appointed honorary Assistant Recruiting Officer, was awarded a Certificate of Merit  and a medal for the Valuable services
  • He has been appointed as a Honorary Magistrate of the Coimbatore Bench and has been elected as a member of the Coimbatore District Board
  • In recognition of his public service he has been appointed as the first non-official President of the Taluk Board of Pollachi from the 22nd Aug 1920
  • He was also free Mason of the “Mount Lodge”
  • In Jan 1922, the Poligar of Uthukuli was present at Madras during the visit of H.R.H The Prince of Wales and took part in all the functions

35th Poligar

  • Agathur Muthu Ramasamy Kalingarayar was last Zamindar of Zamin Uthukuli.
  • Instalation of Anna Statue on Avinashi road, Coimbatore was done through the efforts of Agathur Muthu Ramasamy Kalingarayar in 1969.
  • He granted land for higher secondary school in Zamin Uthukuli, which was named as Kalingarayar Government Higher Secondary School.
  • He was also invloved in relegious activites, invloving 11 private temples belonging to the Uthukuli Zamin.
  • He also donated a rain water harvesting structure created by his great grandfather in Zamin Uthukuli to the PWD department, which is called as Krishna kulam and now its supporting the farmers for irrigation purposes and increasing the ground water level in and aroud Zamin Uthukuli.
  • He has donated lot of land and money for drinking water projects to the village of Zamin Uthukuli.
  • Highly respected personality and a very popular person amongst the people of the Kongu region.












Kalingarayar Copper Plate


Zamin Uthukuli
Pollachi - 642 004,
Tamilnadu, INDIA.


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